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The first contact with Whippets we had about twenty years ago.Like most people, we fell deeply in love with this enchanting sighthound breed and we bought our first Whippet dog Richi Percy de Viento in 1986.

Whippets are just like peanuts- once you have started to enjoy them you are unable to quit anymore! In 1990/91 we were lucky to import two puppies with top pedigrees from England.

Both of them developed excellently in type and temperament and they lived up to their promises gaining their German Championship title.

In the year 1994 the first homebred litter was born at Eurostars Whippets. Breeding Whippets became our family hobby and we only breed one single litter a year.

For our pups we search very carefully for good new homes, either prooved fanciers or reliable beginners of the breed. Our Whippets are full members of our family and they share close family contact in the household all day long together with our children and us, our cats, our German shepherd and our sweet tiny Terriermix.

Automaticly from first day on our puppies become perfect socialized. If you like to get to know Eurostars Whippets at home, it will be our pleasure to welcome you.

We like to offer our good advices to you when you are searching or choosing for a puppy. Beside our homebred puppies, we are very good friends with other Whippet breeders and we will help you find easily your own perfect Whippet puppy.

Just give us a call or mail to:

Eurostar´s Whippets


Sebastian, Andreas und Petra Reschke

Anemonenweg 12
D-15749 Mittenwalde
Fon: +49 (0) 33764 21197